Terms and conditions

In order to use the Schiphol API platform and the APIs offered on the platform, you must accept the following general API terms and conditions.

A. Terminology

Throughout this documents we use the following terms.

  • Schiphol: Schiphol Nederland BV
  • API user: the party obtaining access to the Schiphol API platform. This can be a person or a company.
  • Account plan: A set of usage rights for a specific API. There is typically a basic free account plan for each API, and more advanced plans with higher limits but also additional conditions or costs attached.

B. User identification

  • The API user must provide his or her real personal name and real company name during signup
  • The API user receives a license to the API platform and an API key. The API key that API users receive is personal and only intended for the API user. The API user cannot distribute, sell or otherwise share this key with others.
  • The API user is not allowed to distribute, sell or otherwise share data obtained through the APIs with other parties (unless this is explicitly allowed in the API documentation).
  • Each API key is configured with one or more account plans that give access to certain APIs on the API platform. Some accounts plans can have additional conditions and/or account plan fees, to be defined in a separate account plan agreement. API users must accept the account plan agreement before they can use the account plan.

C. Intellectual property

  • The names and logos of Schiphol and Schiphol partners such as airlines are all protected by trademarks and copyright. API users may not use these names and logos for promoting services.
  • API users are not allowed to suggest that they are affiliated to, selected by, partner of or representing Schiphol.
  • No intellectual property is transferred from Schiphol to API users, and API users do not gain any intellectual property rights to data received through the API platform.

D. API use

  • API users may not use the APIs to transmit information that is inaccurate, harmful, misleading, offensive or is perceived as unwanted mass communication (spam).
  • API users may not use the APIs to transmit any malware, viruses, denial of service attacks or is in any other way harmful for Schiphol or other organisations.
  • Before using an API, API users must read the documentation as provided on this API platform in the Guidelines.

E. Monitoring and compliance

  • Schiphol is allowed to monitor the use of the APIs offered on the API platform and use this information for improvement of the platform, checking compliance with these terms and conditions and providing usage insight to API stakeholders.
  • Schiphol can suspend API platform accounts if Schiphol believes that the API users does not comply to these terms and conditions, or in case of technical issues.
  • If any API is frequently used by an app or other IT system, Schiphol has the right to audit the source code of such an app or IT system to verify that the usage complies to the terms and conditions.

F. Limitation of warranty

  • The API platform is provided as-is and without any warranty whatsoever. Schiphol is not liable for any damage due to unavailable or incorrect APIs.
  • The API user agrees to pay for any damage or hindrance suffered by Schiphol or Schiphol business partners that is caused by incorrect use of the API platform, or related to API platform use in violation of these terms and conditions.

G. Other

  • Schiphol has the right to change these terms and conditions. Changes will be announced at least 2 working days in advance through the Schiphol API platform. By continuing to use the API platform, API users accept the latest version of the terms and conditions.
  • Any disputes related to this agreement or the API platform must be brought to Dutch courts and will be settled according to Dutch law.