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About the Rest API Flight Information

Schiphol offers a wealth of information on current and scheduled flights to and from the airport, carried out by more than 90 different airlines.

The Schiphol flight information is managed by the airlines and airline handlers in the Central Information System Schiphol ( CISS ). Part of this flight information is made available via the Rest API Flight Information (API) to developers. The offered flight information relates to passenger flights and cargo flights (scheduled flights and charter flights).

The API provides the following detailed flight information:

  • Destinations
  • Airlines that operate the flights to and from Schiphol
  • Aircraft types operated by the airlines
  • Flights data elements
  • Flight statuses

Making requests

In all requests both the APP ID and APP KEY have to be provided. Up to and including version 3 of the API, these should be included as request parameters (app_id and app_key). For version 4 and higher these are included in headers (app_id and app_key) instead.

For all requests it is also necessary to provide the version of the requested resource in a header. (resourceVersion).

Finally, an accept header needs to be provided with the request. In this header you can specify if you want json or xml as a response. The default response is json.

Acceptable values are: application/json, application/xml, application/*, */*

Example API Version 3

HTTP Headers

Accept: application/json
ResourceVersion: v3



Example API Version 4

HTTP Headers

Accept: application/json
app_id: [app_id]
app_key: [app_key]
ResourceVersion: v4



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